The Truth of Survey

I men are folds  for different kinds of lead gases those  gases are used in survey the medical labs and a job for Julia now is to install one of the gas tax Oh you ready Survey.

Thank you tap installed Julian was thinking to find out more about Survey the industry itself  from Steve what do you really enjoy about in project management you know.

Where we’re sort of Survey I have enough here our fingers and all those fire so it’s  really varied there’s never a dull day it was an underwater restaurant once in .

The Maldives we did a new orphans recording studios and Mount Eden we when  you do a shopping mall and the last few weeks and Survey .

This is absolutely crazy but you’re walking through the air at night because everyone instead of working the  nights at that point it’s us an amazing buzz.

That’s pretty cool though but it’s pretty special when you get to the end of a major project in here you know and you get up there that’s quite good but.

What about the fundamental skills required by anyone wanting to start out in the industry Julian asked air pros managing director Malcolm Clark for some sound advice.

There’s a saying that all knowledge is  worthwhile and I realized that you have to have a good grounding in English and particularly communication don’t get too.

Hung up about what you’re learning just recognize that everything is gonna be a very sometime in the future well it’s  been a busy couple of days for Julian but did he make the right impression .